ann & robert h- lurie children's hospital

Healing Hues

Lurie Children's Hospital color paletteI recently read an inspiring article about Chicago's new Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago in Sherwin Williams Stir Special Issue 2013. The article reminds the designer in you how important your design choices have on those using the space. ZGF Architects designed with color to distract from the fact that the space was a hospital for children and they did so with much success.

In determining the color palette, the design team took cues from the hospital's Kid's Advisory Board - a committee of children ages 12-18 years of age; most were born with chronic conditions so they are familiar with hospital settings. Interestingly one of the main points from the kids was to keep the pastels to a minimum. They were interested in saturated and vibrant colors, so hurray!

The end result was a 20-hue color list divided into five palettes as pictured. For more details on this amazing project check out ZGF Architects Projects.