2019 Decorator Showcase

Project Name: Decorator Showcase 2019, San Francisco
Size: 175 sf
Services: Interior Architecture, Interior Design




Le Petit Kitchen was an exercise in re-imagining existing architectural features and proportions, sieved through more modern approaches to interiors. The scene of blooming wisteria was a perfect starting point - variants of purples accented by browns and greens illustrated in stained glass, all else was gutted from the space: kitchen turned blank canvas. These purples find themselves meandering as streams of deep violet veining across the counter tops with medium tones ebbing out from the dark shores. Cascading off its edges, the lushness of purple elegantly adorns all the faces of the kitchen's appliances. The cabinets and open shelving are painted bright white, teasing out a playful tension recalling that beautiful, muddied transition between winter and spring as puddles dry and flowers blossom. Much like this transition, Le Petit Kitchen bridges old and new, hearkening back to the of Le Petit Trianon's creation: the beauty of how the past imbues itself on to our present to establish the grandness of life.