A Day in the Field

Just the other day, Tyler and I field measured a new residential project in Pacific Heights.  Typically, we would measure and record the dimensions on paper, then input them into AutoCAD back at the office.  This method would have had us on site for 2-3 hours and we’d be done by lunch time. However, we decided to try a new approach and measure the dimensions on site and create the as-built CAD file at the same time.  This way if there were any discrepancies, we could correct them on the spot.  All was going well until around 2pm when we realized that we weren’t going to finish before lunch time.  We couldn’t leave the empty apartment since we didn’t have the keys to get back in.  So, we ordered Chinese food (smart move, no?) and continued working.  Thirty minutes later, two starving drafters got Chinese food, but there was one little problem…no utensils!  Since our blood sugar was getting kind of low we searched all over the empty apartment for some kind of utensils and came across an old rusty fork.  For a split second Tyler and I thought it over and then we came to our senses. We called the Chinese place and explained they forgot to give us chop sticks or at least plastic forks.  We were reprimanded on the phone and told that you must order chopsticks.  So we did, and they were delivered promptly, allowing us to fill our bellies and get back to work.   A few hours later, we completed the backgrounds which we will use to begin the design process.  Even though this approach kept us on site a bit longer, it saved us a lot of time and headaches from deciphering handwriting dimension back in the office.  Lessoned learned, when out in the field always pack a lunch or at least a plastic fork.