A Job Well Done

DMA would like to give a big thanks to Mark Ames,Construction Project Manager, Clayton Timbrell and John Romaidis, Project Superintendents for doing an amazing job managing the construction process at the 2010 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.  Not only did they have to deal with over 30 designers (which is an accomplishment within itself), but they expertly coordinated with all of the subcontractors, kept track of the constant deliveries coming in for each room, and kept everyone calm, happy and confident that the job would be done on time and would look incredible. 

During the last week of construction, the stress at the job site was high. You could hear the panic in people’s voices and see the urgency in their faces. To top it all off, Mercury went into retrograde during the last two weeks of construction, which never does anyone any favors.  Mark, Clayton and John remained calm and helpful throughout the process and had a plan for every obstacle that they were confronted. We can’t thank them enough for a job well done.  It was pleasure working with such an incredible team!