Another Year of Building Joy

IMG_0109Just over 20 years ago, Laura Seccombe started a tradition of spreading joy to the children at the Edgewood Center for Children and Families, here in San Francisco.  In 2008 Gregg De Meza continued this tradition and this year was no different. The festivities commence after work on the Wednesday before the Saturday event with food and drink at the DM+A office. This year Gregg had Deviled Crab flown in from Tampa (whoa). They look like giant Easter eggs coated in bread crumbs, but when you cut into them, instead of yolk, you find luscious crab meat - YUM!

Now that the workers are fed, let the construction and competition (this year was girls against boys), begin. Two hours later and lots of libations, then voila, the office is transformed into a little city of 45 gingerbread houses. Awe, the office smells so amazing.

Saturday arrives and we transport all of the houses to Edgewood to meet with the rest of our helpers, comprised of our clients, family and friends. Big shout out to our elves this year, you really made the event a success!

The multitude of candy and icing are set out, so bring on the kids to decorate to their hearts desire. We love seeing the creativity from the little decorators. Some are really master craftsmen, putting a lot of focus on the shingles and cladding of the house, while others emerge as fine landscape artists, creating shapely trees and shrubbery out of ice cream cones and puffed cereal.

The event is wrapped up with the kids taking their finished gingerbread house to snack on for the rest of the year and leaving us feeling very thankful that we can start our holiday season building joy and laughter with the children at Edgewood.

Cheers to a Wonderful Holiday,

The DM+A Elves