Building for Charity, One Piece of Gingerbread at a Time

I got involved with Edgewood a few years ago while working at another office when we started our gingerbread building party. It was such a cool thing to bring this kind of joy to a disadvantaged group of kids that I thought when I have a firm of my own I want to instill the same things in my employees.

So back in 2007 I contacted Edgewood to see if they had a need for a similar function like the one we did years ago. Luckily the director, who was once a counselor there, remembered me and the firm I had previously worked with. He thought it would be great to restart this tradition all over again and so did we....Stay tuned for photos from the 2010 Edgewood Gingerbread Extravaganza. The Edgewood Center for Children and Families is one the oldest charities in San Francisco. ECCF started in the gold rush days for kids orphaned by parents going off looking for gold. Today the ECCF takes in troubled youth and counsels families in need.