Chad’s Chili Adventure

As I prepared to make my second meal for the DMA crew and, coincidently, mysecond meal  for a group as large as seven, I decided to keep things simple and to stick to a dish which, um well, I couldn’t screw up.  After thinking approximately 43 seconds about it and talking to three other people, vegetarian chili seemed to be a good way to go.  In fact, to even better my odds against ending up with something inedible, I made a test run and put together a large pot for my brother and his girlfriend. When they both survived, I figured it should be somewhat safe to try out on DMA crew.  So, recruiting a cousin to help chop veggies, I set out on my vegetarian chili adventure.

What can I say?  Veggie chili is easy.  So easy in fact, that my sixteen year old cousin and I can make it.  Start out with a little olive oil and garlic and let it heat up. Then add one chopped yellow onion, a chopped green and a red pepper, seasoning and you’re off to the races.  Let that cook for a little bit and add diced tomatoes, beans, more seasoning, and just about any other vegetable that excites you.  Let it cook on a very low heat for um, I don’t know like two hours or so and there you go … vegetarian chili.

Fortunately, after serving it for lunch the following day, everyone is still a live and I didn’t see anyone run off to the restroom in a hurried rush.  I guess that’s good, right?  It really was a nice adventure and I learned a few things along the way - like it’s better to cut everything up before I start cooking.  I do hope, however, that it didn’t turn into an adventure for anyone else.