Crank it Up!

When I started design school, it was standard practice to have cool, hip music always blaring in the studio. In fact, your studio’s cool factor was judged by the kind of music you played. Like so many things taught in college, being able to listen to The Smiths or Bronski Beat in the middle of the day was not a practice readily found in the real world. Most of the offices I worked in were dreary dead spaces of silence. When the Sony Walkman came around, I was one of first to wear the silly thing all day long. In one firm (which shall remain nameless), I had the proud distinction to have caused a total ban on Walkmens (and now iPods).  

So when I started my own firm, I knew there would be music; and music is what I got. Being the “most senior” person here, I try to keep an opened mind to the stuff the “kids” in the office play all day long. But there are times (like right this minute) when I hear things that can only be described as cats mating (I’m being nice) or a 54-piece dinner china set being thrown from a forty story building.  I really can’t complain because somehow the cacophony takes me back to my first studio when I heard stuff that literally changed the way I listen to music and life.