It looks worse than it is….

So, our room for the Decorator Showcase needs to becompletely finished by 8am on Wednesday, April 28th. As you can see from the progress pictures, we have aways to go.  It may appear that everyone’s been taking an extremely laid back attitude towards the room’s completion, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Team DMA has been coordinating details, deliveries, trades people, customs (it’s a long story) and shopping for room accessories.  I can assure you that no “I” has been left un-dotted, nor “T” left uncrossed.  Mark Ames, the General Contractor for this behemoth project, has been critical in keeping the day to day construction work flowing.  Did we mention that we believe Mark walks on water? 

When we take time to breathe and take account for the work that’s been done, we’re amazed.  The room has been demoed; drywall has been hung; tile is installed & grouted; cabinets have been stripped; new cabinets have been fabricated; hardware has been re-plated; light fixtures have been installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled (again, long story). When we take time to consider what’s left to be done…. we’re amazed: painting, cabinet installation, light balancing, art installation, final touches, oh my!  We’re heading down the home stretch. 

Check back again when we answer this week’s burning question, how many trades people can fit into a 50 square foot room before it gets ugly.  (You’d be surprised).