It's my Birthday!

May 11th was my 29th birthday.  We went out forlunch to Blowfish, a sushi restaurant on Bryant Street.  The best part of the lunch, I think for all of us, was the Pyramid Tartar.  It was salmon, tuna, honey, and avocado formed into a pyramid.  You mush it all together (yum yum) and pour a sweet garlic ginger infused soy sauce all over it, and then finally, you dip with potato chips.  It was delicious.  Then we went to Baked to get some desserts, since I have a sweet tooth.  We got a Raspberry chocolate tart, chocolate tower of decadence, and cashew brittle.  I think Michelle and I agree the chocolate tower was amazing.  It was a flourless cake, which looked like it would be dry, but when you tasted it, it was moist and tasted like fudge.  It was rich and definitely decadent.  Overall, a great and delicious birthday!