Frankie, Come Back

The DM+A team and our friend Scott are worried sick about one of our office pets, Frankie the Chihuahua.  Frankie, who is also Lollie’s boyfriend of 6 years, was taken from Scott’s front porch in the Mission at Treat and 25th on Saturday, January 7th. We miss him terribly and are all hoping that Frankie will be returned soon.  Scott has filed a lost dog report with the ACC (Animal Care and Control), papered the area with Frankie’s picture and description and he is scouring the internet to see if a dog of Frankie’s description pops up there.  See the craigslist posting for more details.

In the meantime please join us in sending out positive thoughts of Frankie bounding through our office doors and doing his morning greeting ritual.  We appreciate all the help we can get.