Great Scott!

Scott Idleman Painting - Oblivion II at 2011 SF Open StudiosOur friend, graphic designer and artist Scott Idleman, has been brightening our days for a while now.  A few months ago, he installed some of his fabulous paintings here at DM+A to provide some color to our walls.  Then last month he began renting work space in our office, adding not only his cheerful disposition, but two more dogs to our menagerie.  So we couldn’t be happier to support Scott in his participation of the 2011 SF Open Studios, going on this weekend.  Please go see his work on Saturday (October 1st) and Sunday (October 2nd) between 11am and 6pm at his studio at 1206 Treat Avenue.  If you’re interested in his graphic design work, visit his website,

Al Crit

Since I teach at the Art Institute of California – San Francisco, I was asked to do a portfolio critique at our office.  Gregg and Jennifer accepted to sit in as well.  Kimberly Pendergast & Jay Patel are in their final quarter of the Interior Design program.  I ended up not saying much because it was enlightening to just listen to Gregg and Jennifer.  Each of them have a different approach when critiquing, but they also complement each other.  Gregg’s approach is from the role of an architect and designer, who wants to see the overall product be of high quality and beautiful.   Jennifer’s approach is from the role of interior designer and her experience in advertising, focused on the details and the professionalism of the portfolio.  Any comment I may have had, they picked up and were spot on.  I was impressed to just how much was accomplished in such a little amount of time and I hope the critique helps Kim and Jay bring their portfolios to their full potential.

You can view AI student portfolio work here.