Lava Mae, Wash On!

bus image shower imageLava Mae, you have inspired us to be nice. Your service providing mobile showers for the homeless is such an awesome service. For most of us, we take taking a shower for granted, but here's why it's so challenging for the San Francisco homeless to get clean and why Lava Mae rocks!  

  • There are only 8 places in the city offering showers for the homeless.
  • Most are centrally located making it difficult for those who make their homes in other parts of the city to access.
  • With 1-2 shower stalls at best in each facility that translates into 16 showers for the 3,000+ men, women and children living on the city’s streets


Speaking for myself, and having a baby to tend to now, I understand how something as simple as getting a shower in can breathe new life into your day and soul for that matter.

Hey friends we just made a donation to provide 200 showers to refresh our homeless. Click here to do the same!