San Francisco Decorator Showcase - Bathroom Fetish

lips bath by rob j photos Image by Rob J PhotosWell, we all did it! Opening night at the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase House was a night to remember. Congrats to our fellow designers, your rooms are inspiring and oh so cool! On trend this year are textured and patterned wallpapers, high gloss reflective ceilings and draperies with gorgeous adornments. Many of the spaces take on a very masculine or feminine feel.

Since we designed Karter's Bathroom this year, this post is dedicated to the bathrooms in the house. These rooms go beyond utilitarian; they're space to brighten your day, to soak in, literally and to refresh your soul.

Karter's Bathroom, for the families young, sophisticated son, was inspired by the David Hockney piece "Swimming Pool with Reflection". The over scale "No Diving" wall/ceiling art, installed by San Francisco Graffiti Artist Jeremy Novy is a playful nod to the swimming pool diving board and the modern art piece Atmosphere River V, 2015 by Artist, Hunt Rettig in synthetic rubber and acrylics encapsulated in a polyester film, read as sunlit water in the pool. Big thanks to Lisa Chadwick and Melanie Ross at Dolby Chadwick Gallery for providing the artwork in our space this year.

For the families daughter, Nest Design created the ultra feminine, Lips Bathroom. The vanity sconce light fixtures are a must see! Thank you Rob J Photos for the images.

Two other spaces with feminine appeal is the ultra glam En Vogue Salon designed by the fabulous Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living. Every detail in this space was accounted for, from the mesh fabric used as window sheers to the ceiling treatment. I want to live in this space! Julie Rootes designed the beautiful Powder Room full of glitz and glamour. That tile, that sink, that wallpaper, need I say more!

There are so many more amazing spaces to mention, but so little time. Please visit the showcase house and see for yourself, but if you don't have the chance, SF Curbed showcases the house in all it's glory, thanks to the amazing photography by Patricia Chang Photography. Check out the house here.



This App Really Measures Up!

MyMeasuresPro copy screen568x568Do you use a tape measure on a daily basis? Are you a homeowner working with an architect, designer or contractor on a project? Are you purchasing new furniture and space planning a room? If so, this is an excellent time and money saving tool for documenting dimensions without having to dip into the budget to hire someone to handle. While field verifying or completing as-built drawings, one of our main tools for the job is the My Measures App. This tool for storing and sharing object dimensions will take the guessing game out of those quick, rough, sketches or lack thereof. Here at DM+A, multiple team members work on the same job, so anyone can understand the dimensioned images and run with them. Simply take a picture, take a physical measurement and add the dimension to the image. Easily calculate area and volume, save it for review later or share it via email or text. This quick My Measures How to Video will demonstrate just how easy this app is to use.

Hooray for My Measures App!