Boarding School

Many a sales rep has crossed the DM+A threshold, but it’s something special when their products get past our “seen it before” sensors.  Yesterday Jeff Sterneberg wowed us with Domusarte I.P.F. wood flooring.  I love it when a product sparks my design-y brain into action and this line had me coming up with design solutions a plenty.  Jeff did a great job of educating us about his product line and showing us some incredible installations done throughout the world. 

What makes this flooring so desirable, besides being from Italy (of, course), is the range of finish options, board sizes and customization possibilities Domusarte offers.   It’s a beautiful, durable and flexible flooring that is perfect for distinctive interiors. 

If you haven’t already seen this line, you can contact Jeff at 415.754.9649 or jsterneberg@gmail.com.