Product Love - Bolon

1317131144-jm-fraunhofer-117-528x357 botanic_lotus1We love Bolon, a vinyl product made from renewable raw materials, for it's look and durability. This product is available as a sheet good and most recently as triangular tiles. Here at the DM+A office, we use the exact collection pictured here - Bolon's Botanic collection in Lotus, in our conference room as an area rug. Pedra Silva Architects blanketed the walls, floors and ceilings with the product creating continuity and flow throughout the conference room of the Fraunhofer office in Porto, Portugal. So cool! The product is so durable that Airstream Travel Trailers offer Bolon as a high-end flooring option in their International Sterling edition - way to upgrade any camping experience.

For more information on this amazing product, contact our local San Francisco representative Sayo Seelenbacher of The Patton Group!