transbay terminal

Knoll body throws a party like...

 Rachel & LisaGreggoIt has been a while since Gregg, Lisa, and I could go out together and we had the opportunity to attend Knoll’s new showroom opening reception. It seems fitting that a company like Knoll, rich with history would move to a building also rich with history.  The new showroom is located in 140 New Montgomery, which some of you may know that it also houses the headquarters for Yelp.  The building has recently been remodeled and you can check out a great article on the history and renovation here.

While at the reception, we snacked on Hog Island Oysters, sushi, and cupcakes.  Also while admiring the new showroom you couldn’t help but notice the views. Since the showroom is on the 25th floor, you can see some notable buildings under construction like the Transbay Terminal and SFMOMA’s expansion.

We want to finish by giving a big thank you to Katheryn Domin-Danish for inviting us and allowing us to view contemporary works while in a historic setting.