Sun Shading

Anyone who has visited our office, knows we are in an old textile factory that has large windows.  If you visit from October to March between 9am and 1pm, then you have probably seen the large umbrella in my cubicle.  No, I am not pretending to be on vacation in the Florida Keys. I am actually blocking the sun from hitting my computer screen.  If you don’t know, the sun angle is lower during the winter months.  During the summer months, the sun is higher and is only hitting the desk, however, during the winter it travels farther into the space and onto my computer screen.   We currently have Lutron shades in the office.  So what is the problem?  Lutron Sheer shades range in openness factor of their weave.  The openness factor can range from 0%, which is blackout, to 10% openness.  When Gregg originally built out the space, he planned for Lutron Roller Shades with 5% openness for the West side and 3% openness for the South side.  At the time, 3% was the lowest openness factor available besides 0%, which would “black out” the office.  Since then, Lutron has come out with a 1% openness, which should correct the glare during the winter months.  I am sure Gregg will be sad to see the umbrella go. Oh and that’s Jenga, she was a bat for Halloween this year.

Check out the solar metrics diagram on the Lutron link: