Doors & Windows Are Being Blurred By Opening

Traditionally a door was used as a passage from one space to another, while a window was used to allow light and fresh air to enter the space.  Today doors can be windows and windows can be doors.  The opportunities are endless, which make one wonder where one stops and another starts. Check out some of these manufacturers of great door & window solutions.  Make sure to check out their websites, because this is just a small selection of what they have to offer!

FleetwoodFleetwood Doors







WeilandWeiland Doors







NanawallNanawall Doors







La CantinaLa Cantina Doors







Invisible Wall SystemIWS1

Product Love - Wardrobe for Windows

gecko install 3 gecko installFlexibility, low commitment, variety and we’re not talking about the qualities of the ideal mate. We're praising Gecko from Studio by 3form. In a dense city like San Francisco where many rent, walls are shared and window views can mean no privacy, Gecko from Studio by 3form is a cool design solution. This is an adhesive backed textile system; an alternative to traditional window coverings; a window film that can be reused, won’t leave a residue when removed and can then be reapplied over and over again. All that’s needed is soapy water and a squeegee as demonstrated in the Gecko Installation video. I like to think of Gecko as a sort of wardrobe for windows.

Gecko is offered in a 54" wide roll for all patterns. Standard roll length is 25 ft. Custom lengths longer than 25' are also possible.

For more information and to view the many patterns available, click here.