Ski Trip to Beautiful Tahoe

What was your favorite memory from the DMA Ski Trip? Gregg: My favorite memory is everyone locked together and sledding down the hill the first time….

Jennifer:  Our first night – board games, Mexican dinner & cocktails, stories (especially the one about Tyler’s ex-girlfriend) and lots of laughs.

Michelle:  I liked making dinner together, playing games and drinking Colton’s awesome margaritas!

Rachel: My favorite memory was on one of the sledding runs.  We were all connected together and we ended up a tangled mess.  It was hilarious.  I almost peed my pants.

Chad: Free heeled vertical decent with views of Lake Tahoe, good company and amazing weather … finally.

Tyler: I learned how to ski! (Thanks Colton) I started with a morning on the kiddie slope and by mid-afternoon I was on top of the mountain. Sledding down the hill with all of us linked together like a giant caterpillar was a blast too!