Helena you rock our world!

Anyone who has been involved in a Showcase House project knows that the pace of designand construction is extremely aggressive.  All of the products ordered must either have short lead times or assembly and delivery must be expedited.  Helena Jausa's, from SpecCeramics, Inc., worked with us throughout the process to make sure that we were informed along every step of the way.  We used a custom designed pattern from Trend Group, USA, a manufacturer that Helena represents. From the get go, she had to expedite everything including the cost estimate.  Helena liaised between DMA and Trend throughout the process to develop renderings of our design, which went through several revisions.

Because of her great attention to detail, wealth of technical knowledge about the products she represents and excellent communication skills, we not only received exactly what we needed from Trend, but we received our tile early.

We would like to thank Helena for being such an invaluable resource during the chaotic, aggressive schedule of designing our room for the Decorator Showcase. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve our design goals or meet our deadlines without her skills and expertise.  Many thanks to Helena, SpecCeramics, Inc. and Trend Group USA for working with us throughout the process to make our bathroom a success!