I second that donation

DMA celebrated Gregg De Meza’s 50th birthday onJuly 12th!  As a birthday gift to Gregg, the DMA staff decided to pool our money and make a donation to Alley Cat Allies  in Gregg’s name.  Gregg loves cats and has been a supporter of Alley Cat Allies for a number of years. The organization’s mission is to “end the killing of cats and lead the movement for their humane care.”  Alley Cat Allies has several programs that teach communities how to care for our feline friends, find them homes and fight against senseless killing in pounds and shelters.   All of us at DMA are animal lovers and several of us have cats or dogs, many who are rescue animals that have been adopted from local shelters.  Gregg’s roost is ruled by two handsome cats named Buddy and Jake.  Our animals have brought love and happiness into our homes and workplace.  The DMA staff would like to encourage our friends, families and colleagues to help support the well being of animals by volunteering your time, making a donation to a shelter or organization, or adopting a furry friend of your own!