Wish Upon a Starbelly

We take birthdays (and eating) very seriously here atDMA!  My 32nd birthday was on June 4th and the staff went out to lunch at Starbelly to celebrate.  Starbelly is a fairly new restaurant in the Castro.  I was really excited about trying it out because I have read so many great reviews and heard positive things so far.  Believe the hype, fellow San Franciscans, because this place is awesome!!  We tried out a variety of items on the menu including the gazpacho, fish tacos, pizzas, half rotisserie chicken and roasted porchetta sandwich.  Each dish was excellent.  The roasted porchetta sandwich was the crowd pleaser of the group because of its portion size and excellent presentation.  We also had several glasses of the white sangria, which were delicious.  The extra bonus about this place was the back patio.  It was a really warm, sunny day and we were able to enjoy sitting in the sun at an outdoor table.  I have to say that this birthday was awesome and I definitely recommend Starbelly!  I can’t wait to return!