It’s not easy being green

I have always had a problem with waste and have taken an active interest in environmental issues. I have entertained the idea of becoming a LEED Green Associate for a while and I decided to go for it. In November I took an online course through which met online once a week for a month. I downloaded the 200 page manual and all of the appropriate articles from the USGBC. It was important to me that I actually learn and retain the information so, I spent an additional month restudying all of the material. Although I must admit, once in a while I ended up in the park sleeping with a book on my face. That is what is called “soaking it in”. As the test date loomed, I summarized all of the information for myself and used flash cards. I took a practice test two days before the actual exam and realized that I needed to study extra for the Energy and Atmosphere category.

When I got to the testing facility I was calm and ready and when the exam was finished I was relieved, but not too surprised, to see on the printout that I had passed the test.